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GT6 radiator specs


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I recall someone mentioning that they had considered one make of aftermarket aluminum radiator for the GT6, but decided against it as the specs of the radiator seemed to indicate less cooling capacity than the original type.

What are the specs of the OEM GT6 radiator?

Here is an aluminum 2-row, 1" tubes aluminum radiator:

This seems to be the same, only $200 more:

Here is an aluminum radiator with a 3-row core, 70mm must be the thickness of the entire core (2.75"):

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Not all radiator (and intercooler, for that matter) cores are created equal

A MASSIVE factor which is very often overlooked is 'Fin Density'

More fins = more surface area for cooling
So a denser core has the ability to cool better when compared to a less dense core of the same dimensions

However, a core with a high level of fin density won't be able to flow as well, as the fins are an obstruction

Fin density is a huge factor when selecting intercoolers
I'm guessing radiators would be very similar

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