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Picture of the wheels would help.
I put mini lights on the wife's herald and I used "tapered wheel nuts" from mini spares barnet.
Stud thread size is the same as a classic mini
I paid £15 for a full set(I think) as they were changing their supplier and they were knocking them out cheap.

Failing that I'd ring Canleys and speak to Dave.
Other suppliers are available

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Difficult to see the seat area where the but sit. There are a few variations, though the most common is a 60degree cone seat. Others include flat faced seats and curved. Have a look at the greystne engineering website for the varieties. If using the std wheel studs you will be using a 3/8 UHF thread, as Dave points out, same as classic mini.
I may have a set of 60degree ones in the garage that were bought, tried, and changed to larger studs so more new nuts....

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Make sure that with the thicker alloy wheel there is still sufficient length of wheelstud available to screw on your wheels securely. I fitted minilites to my spit, torqued them to 45 f/p and one hillclimb later I had several bent studs. I replaced them all with Ford Escort "Group 4" studs and got the 60 degree chamfer nuts to match from my local Ford dealer. When you compare the two types alongside each other you'll never believe the Ford ones will fit a Triumph - but they do!

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