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Something is whistling on the engine
I have sprayed WD 40 everywhere and it made no difference after removing the fan belt the sound stopped.I have refitted the belt and it's still quiet.
With the fanbelt removed I can feel a little bit of "woble" if I try and rock the fan which means there must a bit of end play in the water pump.
Should there be any movement or should it just spin round ,right round baby right round like a record baby ,right round,round ,round(sorry couldn't resist  :P)

Having just fitted a new pump to my herald along with a newly re-cored rad as the fan went through it,
I don't want the same thing to happen to the wife's car

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If it was me i would asscertain where the wobble is coming from i would remove the fan and see if the wobble was still there it maybe that the fan pulley is worn or not sitting plum, if once you get down to the waterpump shaft you can get hold of it and it wobbles then you know for sure its the water pump.

I would have thought that there should be no wobble in the waterpump shaft otherwise it would lead to uneven bearing wear.

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