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Distributor, Camshaft is Missing!


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I am new to Triumph engines but have re-built various Ford and Rover's. At present I am tring to re-build a 2000(Something) from a 1600 and a 2500. The 1600 I recognise, but the 2500 not sure, but it is definitely Triumph. There are various parts missing, but my greatest concern is the distributor. The engine number I cannot find, but the cylinder head is 517528. This I beleive is a MK2 2000. There appear to be various distributors fitted to this engine, all with different curves. The basic distributor is a Lucas 25D6, but is has various part numbers including, 41378, 41314,41452,41621. Need some help with this. Also, why is it not possible to purchase any of these distributors from Triumph parts specialists. The cam shaft is a mystery, will either the 1600 or 2500 cam be suitable for the 2000. Any help greatly appreciated - Thanks

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All the distributers will fit, even the delco ones from a GT6 or the 1600, or indeed the ones from a saloon (but no tacho drive). The lucas ones tend to be quite sort after, as they are generally more reliable (so we are led to believe) and have better curves. the best are the TR5/6 version, folloed by MK2 vitesse, but don't ask me the numbers! They do turn up from time to time, often on ebay. It is possible to respring the dizzy too, but again not sure who supplies the springs, but somebody does!

The engine number should be stamped on the top of the block, just by number 6 sparkplug.
To change from 2.5 to 2 litre you need the 2 litre crank and pistons (domed and keep the head as is, or flat and skim the head loads or get a 2 litre head) The 2.5 cam will be the same as one of the 2 litre cams, just depends what you have, and what sort of engine you want. ie fast and revvy (tr5 cam? or aftermarket) allrounder (vitesse MK2 cam, just about the best in my book) or low down torque (late engine cam, not that great really) I think the 1600 is OK, but not great, but no experiance of them.

Why not use the 2.5 as a 2.5. OK they dont rev as well as a 2000, but much greater torque at lower revs, linked to a 3.63 diff (spit 1500, late ones being the stongest diff made for these cars, good for a 2000 too) makes for a quick motor without thrashing it. Trust me, I have one.

Hope this helps, really need some more info!


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