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Headless amplifier


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Can anyone recommend a bluetooth audio amp suitable for use in a car? The Dolomite currently has a "retro look" bluetooth unit, but it looks like cheap plastic (because it is) and the sound quality matches the look.

So I'm on the hunt for something I can hide away behind the dash with reasonable wattage and audio quality.

Hunting around online is getting me nowhere as the options seem to be...

  • cheap or cheapish and risk the audio quality being no better than what I have right now
  • spend a fortune on something from a premium brand which is far more than I'd ever need.
  • buy a decent-ish branded amp and add a separate bluetooth receiver (not a big fan but might end up having to go this way!)

I'm really looking for something between the 2 extremes 

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I've not specifically looked at this, but have looked at the idea of embedded Bluetooth/Amp boards for use in small speaker enclosures and decided that it was better to go the separate Amp / Bluetooth receiver route if budget is a concern. In your scenario there are shedloads of 'good' normal Amps around new or second hand, with remote wire so there's no battery drain, and provided it's not been cooked something 10 or 20+ year old Car Amp would work fine yes?

So that might leave you to spend a little on the Bluetooth module. Having a quick search around for something 12v always on, designed to be chassis mounted and current: 
JL Audio MBT-RX looks good, IP64 casing might be good in a classic 😂 

or AMPIRE BTR100 has remote switching too, which is nice. 

With Amps, sorry if you're already well-up on audio electronics, but when it comes to Watts, the RMS rating is the one you want to look at. Quite a lot of Amps will be listed as "400w"! and then in the small print "pmpo". PMPO or Peak Music Output Power is useless, and non-standard. As a rule of thumb, if the box or specs list PMPO, forget it. 


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I have used a couple of cheap amps in the past, all seem to be OK in terms of music quality. After all the cars are not particularly refined compared to being at home. 

Originally run off a headphone socket on an MP3/phone, then tried a cheap bluetooth receiver (rechargeable, but short battery life) But a decent bluetooth receiver may do the trick? limked to a half decent amp.


We have given up in the spitfire, I went and bought a JBL Flip speaker, battery lasts 2 full days (tested!) but is easy to recharge. Plus loud enough to hear at (insert a speed) when munching miles on the motorway. Quality is good, if missing proper deep bass.

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