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I4 engine component compatibility


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Hi, I was wondering if there was a list floating around anywhere of different engine components that work together because I've seen a number of posts suggesting there's similarities in a number of engines to allow this. I'm currently starting with a 13/60 and looking to make a bit more power without going mad or making it unstable... 

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Depending on budget etc you can get a reliable 100+bhp.

Ideally the GE as opposed to GK prefix engine.

But a spitfire head, and the MK3 spitfire cam would be a good start. Along with a suitable distributor. Add twin su's or better, a single 1 3/4" su on a dolly 1300 inlet manifold. (John kipping did that years ago)

Add a 4 branch manifold and you should be at about 75bhp and generally livelier.

However, my preference would be a spit or dolly 1500 engine with overdrive box. It the torque suits the herald nicely, but it does not rev as freely. depends on how you want to drive it.

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