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Sorry for hogging the board tonight but I've got another query.
The engine on this Mk1 2000 of mine is pretty tired and I am considering giving it some much needed TLC.
I will be sorting an unleaded head for it but what are the essentials at the bottom end.
Both Practical Classics and Retro Car are rebuiling GT6 engines this month and, of course, their engines have been sent away to specialist builders who are spending massive amounts of expensive time and skill chucking the whole lot in a bin and machining everything else from scratch to make sure that the job has been done 'properly'.
I would love to go down this route but it is well out of my budget and I just do not have the arms and legs to spare.
As it is an automatic I have my fingers crossed that a straight forward rebore will bring the compression back up to scratch so new pistons and rings will be needed. Does this mean that the crank will have to be balanced? And if I'm mucking around with the crank then what about the big ends,and bearings?
This engine is never going to set the world alight and I do want it to perform reasonably and be reliable but I dont want to have to take it out again next year because I left some simple thing out or reused a component that should have been replaced.
Any advice gratefully recieved.
I'll shut up now.

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Check the crank journals for wear (use a micrometer) and for any scoring. If the journals are ok just fit new bearings. For nomal road use you do not need to have the crank etc balanced.

I like the Mk I engine; I thoiught it was smoother than the Mk II engine and the combustion chamber of the Mk I always burnt cleaner with far fewer deposits. Albeit the Mk II has more power than the Mk I.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I might just try them both, I have a 12 yr old apprentice and rebuilding the original is part of his training, then again doing a engine swap wouldnt do him him any harm.
It would just depend on being able to get a 2500S lump.

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