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Engine questions


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I'm aiming to get the old girl fired up this weekend and before I do I've got a few questions...

I'm going to flush the coolant and oil and put new plugs in. Anything else worth doing before gunning her up?

I'm going to turn her over a few times without any fuel after the filling, just to get things moving around a bit.

Also what plugs are people using, and what coolant mixes? Any suggestions on coolant/anti-freeze brands?

Ummmm, and anything else that I've forgotten to ask??  ;D

Cheers peeps :)

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Hi Volospian,

Coolant - if you live in a hard water area, use battery water as the basis for coolant.  I also use Water Wetter  and Halfords Radiator Conditioner (both contain corrosion inhibitors and WW breaks down surface tension - aids warmup and cooling).  Any good quality antifreeze such as Bluecol also helps.  Last time I had the thermostat out, once it had dried off it looked as though it had just come out of the box - so the mixture does keep things nice and clean.

Best of luck with the 'fire-up' ;D

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