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Engine and chassis/VIN number locations


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Hello Everybody, I'm a new member.

I'm just about to buy my first Stag but before I do the deal I want to check
the cars details. Can anyone please tell me were I will find the chassis and or
VIN number, and also were on the engine is its number.


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as far as i know there will be no vin number, but a commision plate will show a number
relating to the v5 document. it should be on the nearside? front suspension turret,(at least
thats where it is on 2000 saloons.)  also vin numbers are not required for mot's for pre 1983?
regards bryan.

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Chassis Number is on a plate on the near-side doorpost in format LD followed by number.  Cars built before 1 Jan 1973 are exempt from Road Tax. Look for a Commission number below LD21087 if this is important to you.

Also look for Body number and build number on little plates near the bonnet hinge.

Engine Number.
Assuming you are looking for a an original V8 Triumph engined model the number is on the rear flange of the engine block in the Vee of the two cylinder heads. The Triumph V8 suffered from overheating and many were converted to Rover V8,  to Triumph Straight 6 or others.  Original engined models should be well sorted by now and generally cost more than those with other engines. 

Also note that the MK2 was introduced in 1973, but there was a gradual change between the two marques.  Some 73 cars, like mine have a mix of both and give rise to the Mk One and a Half!

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Thanks for the help.

I hope to pick the car up in the next couple of days, then do some work on it
so its ready for summer.

Its a 1971 automatic model so its tax free (I just like the idea of giving
Gorden Brown a poke in the eye, its nothing to do with me being  a
tight fisted Yorkshireman).

It needs a bit of tidying but its got a current MOT so its shouldnt
need serious work doing. I was looking for something a bit more expensive
that didnt need work, but this was cheap enough so I thought I'd put the spare
cash into restoring it a bit, at least that way I know whats really underneath it all.

I've owned a Scimitar for the last 7 years so a marginal cooling system a low mpg wont be a suprise. I just couldnt resist the sound of that engine!


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