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Found Grease in the rear brakes


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I am in the process of rebuilding the rear brakes due to lack of effect from the left rear brake (I've been told it's braking 50% less than the RHS brake).

I was shocked when I found both drum and shoes in good conditions, but thick grease (not oil) coming out from the axle shaft (see picture), some of which splattered and was around the springs.

What do you think? My first impression is that the brake might have lost effectiveness due to contamination with grease (even though there is not much…). Is it possible to get grease from the bearing if the seal is gone?  :o

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There is a pressing, with rubber seal and gasket, held by four bolts(you can just see one in pic )
That should stop the grease coming from the large roller bearing in the hub
The seal may have gone or just over full
Remove axle nut and washer
Use puller to remove flange with wheel studs
Undo four tabbed washers and four bolts holding the pressing with seal
Clean and check for damage/replace if necessary
Replace all in reverse
If shoes only SLIGHTLY contaminated.............dispose and replace
Clean drum and replace

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