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Vented brakes

Stuart Wilson

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This is just like one of those competitions where you are shown a picture of a celebrity as an infant, and asked to ID them.
The only true answer is, "That's a baby".

From a small, almost thumbnail pic, all I can say is, "You have vented discs" an excellent mod from, I think the OE plain ones.
If so, and if you have the OE, single piston-pair calipers, then  you probably have a spacer between the halves of the calipers.  If not, then your calipers may be from the car that donated the discs, but lots of cars had 9" discs.
Some hard work with a wire brush may reveal some markings on the calipers.
"Mintex" is another good choice, but merely the pad manufacturer - many will have made them for these calipers.

Please investigate your components more, take more detailed pics and ask again!


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