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Windows and Doors


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Couple of problems. 

Drivers door outer weather seal doesn't meet the window allowing rain into the door. I know i can probably washer up the runners but that will mean the window moves away from the door seal.

Passengers door; The window here appears not to be perpendicular with the drop slot. The rear edge being tight on the outer seal front edge tight on the inner drop seal. 

The door lock also is a little peculiar when i pull the handle open the door lock engages, the door opens a little but jams requiring the door to be unlocked. I have just had the lock mechanism out and cleaned it all up , I adjusted the lock rod to utilise the full throw of the lock.


Any help appreciated.


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Has it had new door skins at any time as I found some of these a bit short in height leaving a larger gap for the window. Probably the best solution would be a wider weather strip to bridge the gap.


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