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Not only triumphs leak oil..


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This week went with my mother her 2005 Ford Ka to the belgian inspection.
First i undersealed it and looked for rust.

All was fine on the MOT, just an advisory for an oil leak..
I knew there was an oil leak somewhere as there was more oil on her parking spot then on mine where the Spitfire is .
So it was sweating/leaking more then a Triumph..

Today i got it over the inspection pit at my uncle to do the service on it etc. (previous the garage always done this, but now doing it myself as it is cheaper..)

So could get a good look and clean of the underside/engine.
After i've cleaned it all off etc i drove home, opened up the bonnet and oil was running on the side of the engine..

Couldn't see from where , so took out my phone and took some pics... then i could see from where it was actually (as i and my uncle where thinking of the rocker cover)..

It's running from a plug above the spark plug !
Now need to find a way to fix it 😲

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Quoted from JohnD
You're not alone, Wimpus.  This guy (last post ) had the same, but no one offered a solution!

Is it an Endura or Duratec engine?
Looks like a cross-cut head plug that's leaking.   Take it out, clean it up, sealant, pop it back?


John, i had a look at that thread..
Seems it happens on the 1.3 engines (yes ours is a duratec, think from 2002 they had this engine).
Will have a look tomorrow, but it is hard to see ! 😲

Thanks to show me the thread ! 😉

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