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I know that some 6cyl engines don't like the spin off oil filter conversion. My mk3 gt6, currently has a 2000 saloon mk2 engine fitted. It has great oil pressure with the standard oil filter setup, but has none with the spin off conversion. When I researched the issue before I was told that there was slight differences with the oil gallery maching, which caused the issue.

Does anyone know if there's anyway of working out if the conversion will work judging by the engine number.

This is because I want to install a replacement engine, with a correct mk3 engine number.

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Sam, its some thing t,doo with this O ring.
some engines are diff sized flanges, the one I just did was bigger than the olde ,n,  resulting the O ring nearly falling into the block

re cut the O ring hole wider to compensate.

Butt, i thing the newer types have a diff set up inside em,!!

Also, some engines the boss is flush with the block, others its set inside
my olde one was set inside, but new one wer,nt,
so had to mod block to suit the adaptor



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The engine number will not help you.  The variations are fairly random, simply because with the original filter design the measurements didn't matter much, so the factory wasn't controlling the dimension very closely.

The are two variants of the Mocal spin on filter adapter.  
The earlier ones use a static O-ring in the centre to separate the filtered/unfiltered oil and were originally supplied with two different thicknesses of O-rings and some instructions (involving plasticine IIRC) to determine which O-ring your particular block needed.
The later ones have a more elaborate design with a spring loaded, floating centre and self-adjust.

Finally, once oil pressure has built up, whether or not the centre seal is sealing properly will make not one slightest jot of difference to the oil pressure.  The worst it can do is allow a proportion of the oil to bypass the filter.  It does allow oil to drain back out of the filter and galleries though, which defeats the original intent!

There is some other reason why your oil pressure is down.


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It was a while back. I had the newwer self adjusting type. In the end I gave with it, reverted back to the original type and got a full refund. I won't be doing the engine swap until the current one gives up. I only thought about it this evening as a ke engine has appeared on ebay not to far away from me. So didn't know if it was worth picking it up cheap just incase there was a known difference.

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