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Jaeger oil temp


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Hi All!

I want a companion for my Jaeger oil pressure gauge and I have decided to go for a temperature gauge.
Anyone who as an picture of one mounted in a spitfire or know which type it was?

Smiths are easier to find, anyone who knows if it is easy to change the dial to Jaeger?


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A follow up question, I have removed the sump and like to weld a bung in the sump to prepare for any future temp sensor. Are the two most common sizes on the sensor 5/8 UNF and 1/8 NTP? So either I weld one of those in or use a 3/8 NPT-1/8 NPT adapter instead of the oil plug.

yes I know it would be better to buy the gauge first.... but I haven't been able to find one and like to finish the sump up with some paint.


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