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Oil cooler pipes


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Hey everyone, I have bought my spitty an oil cooler. The problem is that I wasn't sure of the pipe length required. Even with the cooler fitted in front of the radiator it is still not straight forward without sample hoses how they will bend or where exactly they will go! Does anyone have an idea of how long the hoses should be or whether say a manufacturer like Mocal supplies set lengths for the spitfire that will fit?

Any input would be much appreciated. Just got the engine back in the car after a major rebuild and performance mods added. Will get some pics up soon as I work out how to add them to a message!


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davesideways wrote:
Expensive versions...You'd need adaptors to go in the take off plate and a cooler with JIC not BSP connectors.

Just call Mocal etc they will sort you out with all you need for either.

Dave, you are one hell of a fabricator and I don't mean stories.  What kind of sheet metal tools do you have to get such clean and well thought out work?

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