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Opinions, oil burning vid?


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I've had an engine rebuilt in germany (i live here) about 1000kms ago. But i've noticed that:
a) there's an external oil leak probably from the head gasket.
b) there's an awful amount of white smoke from the engine, even after an hour of driving.

see the below clip.

I have already expressed my concerns about an external oil line to the top of the engine, but was told that the warranty would be voided unless i keep that line.

SO.. what do you think!?

This has had a full bottom end rebuild, with valve seats for unleaded fuel. I've done 1000kms. The vid was taken around an hour after starting from cold, so the oil's warm. And even after 2 hours drive, i still see smoke at ltraffic lights.
I think it's using about 1/2 litre of oil per tank, but i can't prove that yet..

what do you think?

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From the way it smokes when the revs pick up (rather than a puff when you first open the throttle) I'd say that is a ring problem and a fairly severe one at that.  At a 1000kms I'd also say you are past the point where you'll see any major improvement due to further bedding in.  I suspect that the block wasn't properly honed or the oil control rings are incorrectly fitted.

Might be worth pulling the plugs to see if the oil burning is actually confined two one or two cylinders or the whole lot.

You mention that you have the external rocker feed pipe fitted.  Yes, these can cause fairly spectacular oil burning but more normally on engines that were clapped out at the top end anyway with worn rocker gear (causing large amounts of oil to be dumped in the rocker box) and worn valve guides (allowing the extra oil to be drawn the inlet valve guides and into the combustion chamber).  If you've had unleaded seats fitted then hopefully it had new guides at the same time and the rocker gear was either good to go again or has been renewed, so neither of the above should apply.

I think you need to go an demonstrate the problem to your engine supplier - it clearly isn't right.  Did they specify any particular oil or running in regime?



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Me self, with only about 600 miles on clock, I would,nt be that bothered as yet.

If not used a run in oil, then the anti wear additives in the oil used will stop it bedding in quick.
also driving style, pussy foot,n aboot will make it take longer too..

with some miles on clock, you should  be able to giv it some stick, like full throttle
to get the rings under some pressure.

If ye take  the plugs oot, and either with sunlight looking into plug holes,or with a wee torch, I put loot on that all piston tops are covered in oil.
this coming past the rings, as rings will not be scraping all oil off cyl walls.

Also, too thin an oil will make it burn moer oil.

Rocker breather, is this working OK,
and if it is, then alot of the smoke could be coming frae this.
as rings have no bedded, there could be alot of blow back into crank caes,
this has got to get oot some where, generally thru the breather,
AND then into the carbs, so engine is burning oil fumes too.

Also, if blocked up, even if rings  bedded, then excess crank case pressure will force oil oot the engine.
can be seen as a good blast out the  breather pipe and engine at highish revs.

cant see white smoke, white smoke is water, this is blueish.
Asfor oil leak, bet its along the front below the plugs, yes,!!
nearly all leak there. easily remided, so nowt to wu,re aboot.

Has the cyl heed been re done too. wont stop the oil leaking,
but will clamp doon better around the bores and water holes

If it aint settled doon after another 500,  with some decent stick, with a good thick oil, then start to wu,re

I got some 10-60 a while ago, worst stuff I ever used, on an engine that hardly used oil.
I went thru  nearly 4 litres in 600 mile round trip, orrrid suff.
with quite a bit of oil smoke frae ex pipes, even on idle.

so questionee,s
1, what oil is in it
2, when was it changed, as it may have actually worn oot, and just now reverted to a 20 grade only.
3, what oil did ye use to run it in, specs needed
4, head re torqued
5, oil on piston tops
6 oil coming  frae spark plug side
7, the engine breather is working I take it.!!!


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Thank you all so much for the time you're putting in here.

I'll let you know the results after a bit of delving..

Answers to your questions, M.
so questionee,s
1, what oil is in it - 20:50 Castrol classic
2, when was it changed, as it may have actually worn oot, and just now reverted to a 20 grade only. Changed very recently after the heads were clamped down. (100 miles or so, ago.
3, what oil did ye use to run it in, specs needed 20:50 Castrol classi
4, head re torqued - yep.
5, oil on piston tops - TBC
6 oil coming  frae spark plug side - TBC
7, the engine breather is working I take it.!!!


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