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Hi everyone,
I have a 1961 convertible 1200, genuine 43,000 on the clock. It has been laid up since September, and was last started around early November. I went to move it the other day, and turned the engine over on the starter to get some oil around. It fired up and all was fine, then when I put it into reverse there was a metallic clang, and the oil light is now on all the time brightly. The engine still sounded ok, but I turned it off and haven't touched it since. Anyone any ideas as to what could be wrong please?
Prior to this the engine was sound, no rattle on start up etc.....
Dave :'(

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I'd suggest trying it with an oil pressure gauge first. Start the car but don't rev it. You should have a feeling for how long it normally takes for the oil filter to fill and the oil light to go out - usually it's a few seconds. If you don't see any movement on the gauge after the usual time, switch off.

The easiest thing to check is whether the oil pump drive has sheared off. Remove the distributor and the skew gear beneath it, and see what condition the oil pump shaft is in. Is it intact, or chewed? Does it turn, and if so, how easily? You can even spin the pump with an electric drill to see if it generates pressure.

Good luck!

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Start with the simple things - is the sensor still connected and does a replacement one cure the problem?
Dip the oil - is there any still there?
If these are ok then it’s time to start the deeper investigation but I’d check that it’s not just something simple first.

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