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Oil burning diagnosis ?


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Not Triumph related, but my Suzuki Baleno 1800 16V, and I thought I would try the collective brains of CT first.

When its running and I sit in traffic etc. I now get a whiff of burning oil. No matter how much I rev it up, or let it decelerate under load, I cant get it to smoke visibly.

Oil consumption is VERY negligable, and even after several thousand miles the oil is still clean. There is no noticable loss of power, it starts instantly, and the spark plus (iridium) come out clean.

When it is started, it does not smoke UNLESS it has been left for a couple of days, and then I get a cloud of smoke which immediately clears and then its OK again, except for the smell of the burning oil.

I am thinking valves/guides/seals. I would ignore it, but the MOT is coming up soon, and I doubt if its doing the stupid cat converter any good.

Any other ideas ?

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