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Carburettor repair or change ?


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The Solex B30PSEI is playing up on my 1250 and needs repair/overhaul..

Should I go to the trouble of repairing/overhauling or replace altogether with something else ?

I would replace it with another B30PSEI if I could find one at a reasonable price, but wondered if I would bebetter off looking at something different altogether ?


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The previous owner made one carb out of 2, but I am not convinced it has been put together correctly, the tick over adjustment screw  is so far away from the stop it doesn't  do anythijng, and the throttle need 'blipping' to return to a slow tick over otherwise it is about 2500 revs !

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This may be useful:

Initial Settings

Adjust the throttle/choke inter-connecting rod by inserting a length of 0.027” (0.7mm) wire, or a No. 71 drill between the throttle butterfly and the bore of the carb. body.  With the choke fully closed, tighten the rod adjusting screw.

Set the idle screw  to just touch the throttle lever, then turn it in 1.5 turns

Screw the mixture screw in ‘till it just stops, then back it out 2 turns.  This is a good starting point.

Set idle to 500 rpm  (quite slow).  Unscrew mixture screw ‘till it hunts, then screw in to give a best idle.  Slow the idle down again if this speeds thing up, and re adjust the mixture again.


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