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GT6 Carb issues

Desperate Damson

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I am quite new to GT's and bought one recently. After inspecting the carbs (which i think are Stromberg 150s) i notice that the carb near to the rad sucks in loads of air but not the other one. Is this normal. If not any ideas how i can solve this, perhaps they are out of balance? The pistons inside the carbs both seem to be in the same positon. Any ideas?

Paul  8)

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It sounds like you're battling the link between them.

Loosen the 2 outside little bolts on the two springy things where they clamp to the brass throttle shafts in the carbs.  They should be loose enough so that when you pull the throttle cable (or operate the pedal), it doesn't move the throttle shafts in the carbs.

Then you will be able to independently adjust the carbs with the throttle stop screws.  Turning the screws will move the throttle shafts & open up the carbs.  Open each of them an equal amount, enough to get it started, then set the idle & balance them.

After the idle is set, the carbs are balanced (& mixture adjusted if you want to do that today), then tighten the little clamp bolts on the springy things.

After the springy things are clamped down, if you've got a cable linkage & want to check the vroom vroom, just pull the whole cable straight up.  Operating the lever beneath it can kink the throttle cable.

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