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Which carb on a 1200 Herald.


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Hi All.

Im in the throws of overhauling the carb on out 65 1200 Herald.
Looking at the Rimmers site all ref is paid to a Solex B30 PSE1.
My carb has Zenith on it.!!  :-/

Are they the same as far as service items are consirned ?.


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I also have a Zenith carb on mine (30 1Z).  I have been trying to track down some spare parts for it through Burlen Fuel Systems as I can't find any parts on the usual triumph suppliers.  I need a new stranger return spring and gasket to the manifold.  It was all working fine the last time the car ran (over 3 years ago now).  I think I bust the spring whilst cleaning it up.

I have attached photos.  If anyone can help tracking down replacement parts I would be grateful. If not I might look at getting a second hand Solex so I can source replacements in the future.

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Mine looks just the same.
If you look at the parts avail from Rimmers for the Solex B30 PSE1 carb they look the same.
Also looking at the Solex carb pic in the workshop manual they also look VERY similar.

I doubt very much if the carb on my car was from something else as its a 1 owner car and only lightly restored back in 1994.
Seems to much of a coincidence that we both have the same carb.!!

Things like pump and carb diaphrams look the same for both carbs which are the parts i need the most. ( square pump & triangular carb.)

Cheers for the pic though.

Glad im not the only one.!....  :-/ :-/

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From Wikipedia:

Zenith Carburetter Company was a British company making carburettors. In 1955 they joined with their major pre-war rival Solex Carburettors and over time the Zenith brand name fell into disuse. The rights to the Zenith designs were owned by Solex UK (a daughter company of Solex in France).

The carb shown above looks very much like a Solex B30 PSE1,


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Thanks Bill.

The carb is almost identicle apart from 'Zenith' stamped on it ( and 1 or 2 other small differences.)

Cheers for the info............ I thought it rather strange that the carb would be off another make of car knowing the history of mine...  ;)

Good news.


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