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Carb Problems on a 1200

Jordon T

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Hi Guys,

My 1967 Herald 1200 is my everyday car. The carburettor could do with rebuilding as it leaks and one of the jets is blocked. I have a Morris minor SU HS2 carburettor and an Adapter which allows the SU to bolt onto the standard manifold. However having fitted the carb, the car didn't really want to start. When it did eventually start it would only idle and as soon as you tried to rev the engine it would splutter and dye. The choke made no difference.

The carb works fine on the Minor, so what could be causing it not to work on the Herald 1200 engine. As pardon my ignorance, both engines are pretty similar in design (the A series and Triumph 4 cyl).

Kind regards


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have you check if there is any leaks from the inlet/manifold manifold,mine did the same and found that the gasget was blowing so i checked the hg and found that was buggered between 2-3 pistons so it was sucking and blowing at the wrong time and made it run ruff and no power but it sat ticking over ok...or it could be even the points or fuel pump

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Sounds like the fueling is wrong. Make sure all the linkages are set up correctly - including the choke. I've no idea what needle you'll need but it should be good enough to get it running lumpy at the worst. I suspect you may find it's running on the rich side going from your description but that's a bit of a shot in the dark.

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