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I'm on a roll !!!!

How many linkage springs should I have on my carbs ??

Currently I have ONE only, which is located on the rear carb.

There appears to be an option to put a spring between the two carbs on the linkage as well but I cannot see where the bottom of the spring would hook on to - well not obvious anyway !!

Any thoughts would be welcome.



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As far as I know there should be one spring on each carb. The earlier Solex carbs on the 1600 are the only ones that I know of that had a return spring from the throttle spindle linkage, the other end of which hooks onto an eye cast into the exhaust manifold.
The carb specialists that I went to advised me not to put any springs on the linkage other than the "torsion" type (I don't know the proper name) springs that go around the spindles - if you use long tension springs for extra throttle return "snap", this can lead to excess wear in the spindle bushes in the long term.
I've had to put an extra spring on temporarily, as I found that the throttle was sometimes sticking open, but I'm going back to the specialist to see if I can get some stronger springs, or perhaps even just some new springs which may be be more... springy! :)

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use some elastic shoe lace ,  but keep it out of the heat , extends easy with no excessive force   you can make as much or as little pull as required ,  cheap /easy,    not very original,  its not easy to find a spring that has a light load and is able to expand to suit the amount of travel required .

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