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Hi all,
I am new to the site, have recently purchased an E reg 1200 convertible, had some problems with the carb which looks like a stromberg 150, is this the right carb?? for the 1200 or is it a later spitfire unit.
Also, how can I tell that it is a 1200 engine fitted??


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1200 engines had either a single downdraft solex or (rarely) twin 1.25" SUs usually pinched from a 948 coupe or Spitfire.

Single 1.5 Stromberg suggests a later 13/60 engine is fitted.  This can be confirmed by checking the engine number (on block below no.4 spark plug) against the list on the canley classics site (www.canleyclassics.com).

The 13/60 engine is not necessarily a bad thing - useful additional power and still pretty sweet and revvy.



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The original 1147cc engine will have a six port head - two inlet ports, two exhaust. The 1296 and 1493cc engines have eight port heads, so visually quite different. Single carbs on the 1147 engine were invariably downdraught Solex, the larger capacities went with single Stromberg or SU sidedraught carbs.
Just one point of pedantry. The twin 1.25" SUs were offered as a factory option on the 1200 models, the 948 twin carb setub used H1 carbs, which are 1.125". The factory installation also involved a raised compression ratio and 12/50 or Spitfire cam.

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