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Choke cable re threading and New dashboard

Martins Stag

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Just thinking about a re veneered dash for the Stag. I seem to remember that there is an issue with the choke cable on the Stag and threading it back through? Once you have taken it out. Is this correct or did I dream it?



P.S. any recommendations on where to get a re veneered dashboard I would be interested. Ideal I would like to buy one outright and replace it at my leisure keeping the car on the road. Rimmers want £680 !

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It's possible to remove the knob off the cable.  If it's an original choke knob, when you pull it out, you'll see a very fine pin that goes through the knob and cable.  It is V small.  Push it out with a pin and keep it somewhere safe.  You can then remove the knob and the dash panel.

I posted a 'how to' with pictures on the SOC forum.


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