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CD 150 Choke problem


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Hello there,

First of all my I wish you all a happy new year.

I recently installed a refurbished Stromberg CD 150 on my 13/60 because before it had an SU. The carburettor works fine when the engine is warm but it gives me trouble when cold.

Basically from cold, the engine will not start by using the normal choke lever(both from the instrument panel and from the side lever on the carb itself), the only way to start is by removing the air filter, and placing my hand on the air inlet i.e. replacing the work done by the choke with my hand. After starting it like that(even for a few seconds), the engine has no problem starting again and the choke lever starts working.

My suspicion is that the choke lever when pulled fully is not closing enough to start the engine when cold. is there any way to check it/adjust it?



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Hi Chris, this is a photo from a recent thread that shows what you should see in the carb inlet with the choke fully on. The flat bar at the bottom rotates and lifts the piston, with its needle underneath, a little so making the mixture richer. At the same time a cam where the choke cable connects should rotate against the throttle mechanism opening it to increase the tickover.
Have a look over both systems while operating the choke to make sure its all happening ok.....

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I also had a not very effective choke.  The cam operating the fast idle can wear. If you file a bit off the leading edge/front bit of cam (where there should be a small gap between the screw and cam), then readjust the gap, then fast idle on choke will increase. I think I only took a about 1/2 a mm off, though would depend on wear.
Worked for me.


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