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Dolomite 1300 Choke cable

Richard B

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Could someone please post a picture of a 1300 Dolomite (or Toledo) chake cable where it is connected to the carburettor (HS4) please?

I am having trouble getting the cable to operate the jet linkage to lower the jet, I suspect I gave either put it together wrong or have the wrong parts.  :'(

I have a workshop manual but unfortunately it is for an 1850 and does no cover the 1976 1300 model.

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A bit of a polava but I've emailed you the picture from the workshop manual. My manual is on DVD and it wont let you pront screen and save to a file so I took a picture of the screen with my iphone and emailed it to you. Less hassle than printing it, scanning the print in, reducing the size so it would post on the forum etc.....

The manual only shows one arrangement for all 1300 and 1500 dolly's both single and twin carbs so the choke cable attachment is the same as the twin carb set up on a spitfire I believe....

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