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The box is being sold by a freind, it's from a 1500 spitifre & it's a J type. He told me that it will fit early spitifres & heralds, when a dolomite fine spline clutch plate is used, or a spitfire 1500 flywheel & clutch plate.

That  didn't really mean anything to me, so I made this post to find out more.


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OK, dolly 1300 clutch plate is what you need. Be aware, you will need a custom length propshaft, large flange at front small at rear. You can get a non-od vitesse one to fit, but need to space the engine forwards an inch.

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    Does you mate have the engine to go with it,or the diff.
A 1500 herald with overdrive,makes a nice little car.
When I did mine I had to slightly modify the end of the tunnel, so the prop bolts can be got at but then again you could always do them from underneath !

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