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pipe length from clutch M.cyl 2 slave.cyl


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Hi all can any body tell me the length of pipe needed from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder to the gear box. As the previous owner just did a straight piece of pipe. And i want to replace it with a new bit, with a so called pig tail coil in it. Or do I just buy a new piece of pipe and trim to suit.

Ant help would be much appreciated.


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I can't guve you a length, Cye, but I woudn't be bothered about an absolute length.
That 'pigtail' coil is to give a greater length to the pipe, so that it is less prone to torsion stress and weakening, esp at the ends.   But is also means that the pipe can be any length you like!

Suggest take a tape measure, roughly arrange it in the desired run and read it.
Then make the coil as big or smal, with more or less turns as required to get the ends in exactly the right places.


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