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Strange Clutch Fault

Straight Six

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As the title suggests, I've got a strange problem with the clutch on my Vitesse. The car won't go into gear from neutral if I stop with the car facing up hill. It is ok on level ground and facing down hill.

I've bled the clutch hydraulic system several times and the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder is upper most.

Any ideas what the problem could be?


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apart from loss of travel due to wear on the pedal/mechanical links and any hyraulic losses
you may have a split in the  diaphragm or a heat distorted driven plate,(not clearing)
if the pedal is a low to start with and wont clear by removing matts and carpets to ensure full travel , one fix is to slot the master cyl mounting holes that locate  the bracket to the baulkhead, and move the cyl assy to raise the pedal,, do not go so far as to eliminate the free play to the cylinder push rod , but this will raise the pedal start  height and give more hydraulic  travel,,    Peter

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