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Dolomite? 1500 Buying advice

Welsh Dragon

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I am contemplating buying a 1973 Triumph 1500 saloon do not know if it is Toledo or Dolomite or nowt but wherever I put Triumph 1500 the only info I get back is for Spitfires.  I just want to know what major things to watch out for when viewing it.  Thanks


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Thankyou both for the response.  The engine is mounted in line and not transverse so it may well be a dolomite.  The underside is black bitumous seal so rust may be hidden but it would not be possible at 87 to crawl under with a girt big 'ammer and belt seven bells out of it and, from photos paintwork looks good i.e. no noticeable bubbling.  Any more tip anyone ?  Thanks

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12 minutes ago, Welsh Dragon said:

The engine is mounted in line and not transverse

That's irrelevant. The Triumph FWD arrangement puts the engine in line with the gearbox behind, just like a RWD, but then takes the output forward to a diff under the sump. This is the same arrangement used on the series 1 VW Passat, incidentally, and works much better than the transverse arrangement.

The knock on startup is normally big ends - a known weak point of the 1500 engine - combined with a tendency to drain the oil back when stopped, leading to a dry start. If it goes away in a second or two then it may not be a big problem. If it persists while driving then a crank regrind is probably in order.

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  • Clive changed the title to Dolomite? 1500 Buying advice
40 minutes ago, Welsh Dragon said:

Clive.  Is the knock at start up indicative of B/ends, L/ends or summat else.  Thanks

Rob has covered it, Big ends, so if knocking for more than a very short time, yes, an issue.

87?? I doff my cap to you Sir!

And I have changed the thread title to something more appropriate than your name! (I am a moderator, so can do useful stuff like that)

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