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TR7 Boot courtesy lamp - wiring route?


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 Recent TR7 convertible acquisition has a boot courtesy lamp apparently wired up to power, but not to the actual switch (the one the boot lid opens/closes). Should the wires run direct from the boot lamp or from the main loom? The light doesn't work at the moment (bulb changed, so not that) and I ran out of time yesterday to go through the wiring to check circuit was live regardless.  But even my v. basic understanding of car electrics realises that it won't work as a courtesy light if the switch is not connected!🙃  Interestingly the door lights don't operate as courtesy lights either (although at least one will come on when switched on) but I suspect that these are separately wired, so probably an unconnected issue. 


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The switch is by the nearside boot hinge - on my current car the PO had removed the plate that operates the switch so it does not turn the boot light on. Often its disconnected as if left on you have a very flat battery after a few days...

When I was swapping the bulbs on my new 7 to LED's I cheated and have connected the boot light to the number plate lighting circuit so that it now comes on when the side lights are on. I have attached a copy of my redrawn wiring diagram which may assist you.




UK DHC 1980-81 TR7 (2020-09) with pektron details.pdf

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That’s very helpful and apologies for delay in acknowledging - stupidity on my part for failing to check my post! Plus I am chasing a few other faults on the car. When I bought it, the temp gauge worked, now it doesn’t even though I have changed the gauge itself and the temp sensor.   So another wire to work my way along to find a break, or a bad earth or whatever!

Thanks anyway David

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