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Planning for My 10CR

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Cant wait for 10CR... but I would really like to wait; time flies when you work on your own cars.  I still have so much work to do before I leave.  (Ive been working on my Acclaim that I bought for 10CR before Covid)  Also trying to get as much customer car work done before I go over for almost 3 mths  

My mother in law lives in Bristol so Im coming over mid July, my wifes going over early for some weddings. 

Looks like I have to fly up to Scotland to finish some work on a Herald that our Team bought so Ive got to plan out those logistics and hope I can get the car in shape for the 10CR... which will prob be 11CR if I drive it down from Scotland to Bristol? then prob to LON for our other Team Torpedo members to pick up the car while I pick up our other Herald that also needs work.  apparently someone decided it was ok to drive the car with no temp gauge!  Im not driving the Alps without a temp gauge!

Already tempted to ship my Acclaim or GTR5 over for next 10CR.

If any of you see me in 2 Heralds around Bristol give me a wave!

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OMG... what a TRIP!  we had 18 guys and 6 cars and we broke down almost everyday but still made it over and back.

I hope some of you were there.  Im now back in the USA... cant wait for the next one.  Still have lots of pics to go thru and post.  but now Im trying to build a Spit6 so I can ship it over for the next one.  Not sure on the whole import plan yet.  Its fine to leave my US plates on it for up to 6 mths.. not sure about after that yet.  or how much VAT will be on a Triumph.  Anyone have an idea on that?

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Hey there! I think you guys passed us at the roadside on day 3 about 20kms out of Cortina when our gearbox gave up on Passo Giau (Honeysuckle Dolomite), thanks for stopping to see if you could help!

The standard VAT rate in the UK is 20%, not sure about cars under those circumstances though.

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