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2 litre alternator mounting


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Am tantilisingly close to actually getting my spit6 conversion finished - probably would have been done a few weeks ago if the weather had been on my side!

Have swapped the alternator over from my 1500 as well as the long bolt that goes through the mounting. However, I am having trouble finding the appropriate spacer in any parts diagrams.

The part in question is essentially a thick metal tube that the alternator mounting bolt passes through to adequately space the unit far enough from the block to allow the fan belt to align properly. This needs to be shorter than the one from my 1500 - which is about an inch long.

I will probably end up grinding down the existing one that I have from my 1500 block but just wanted to check if anyone knows a source or part number for this? I want to get it right to avoid any unecessary stress on the fan belt.


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