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Day 400 since we found the 13/60


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Hi All, 400 days today since I became custodian of Hetty the Herald! As you’ve seen from the pictures she’s seen better days.Work done so far be it the right thing or wrong thing and priorities! Well every one has there way! I’ve removed all the body and stripped the chassis’s replaced both front cross members and one rear and one side rail. Stripped and rebuilt the engine adding new timing chains and sprockets and tensioners,Added a new clutch,Replaced rear brakes, replaced all rubber bushes,acquired front and rear floor panels still waiting to go in! Currently working on replacing old brake pipes front to back.Also met some great Triumph enthusiasts along the way.As well as caught CVID!Thanks for the help given along the way.

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Update 840 days now !! It’s not finished.I spent most of the time unwrapping the car then it would start to rain so covers back on. Bit like an English Test Match! So moneys saved up and a large canopy constructed over rear driveway and Herald,jobs a goodn.

Aquired Doors Bonnet Bulkhead and rear tub, some alloy wheels! The JC Midge that has a 1200 herald engine.

This first week of September I used the wiring loom all beit about 6 wires from the Midge to use on the 13/60 and almost got her to turn over! First time in 25 years, well the Starter turned, had to use the graphite dust on the bendix problem now is I need to rethink what I forgot to do with the the clutch as I cannot get her to go into neutral it will be something simple like I should have read the manual! Instead of trying to remember stuff from the 1980s when I last done them! At leat the wheels weren’t on so it wouldn’t have shot off down the drive!

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