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Stags and oil coolers?

Martins Stag

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With all the challenges with Stags and keeping them cool eg header tanks, alloy rads and electric fans etc the consensus seems to be that you don't need an oil cooler on a Stag? Can someone explain the logic on this at all? I would have thought that a thermostatically controller oil cooler would have helped and I am always surprised that the Stag only need 4.5 litres of oil not much more than a 6 cylinder... 

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The Stag engine does not suffer from overheating, at least not of the whole engine, nor at all if well maintained. The "must haves" are all work-arounds for the cooling system not being maintained in proper working order, prompted by paranoia about the alloy heads. None of this affects the oil, which remains at normal temperature and is not overly stressed.

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If you're doing any of the endurance events, taking it on track or do long journeys then fitting it won't harm anything.


The sensible thing to do first though, is fit a sensor and monitor current temperatures. 


With a (rather large) cooler fitted and a gauge which won't read below 40°C;

Winter takes about 4 miles before it starts to read above 40°C.

Winter motorways sees it sit around 80°C or just below.

Summer, within 4 miles it's at 60-70°C.

Summer motorways see high 90's°C and you see noticeable changes when you hit shade or ambient temperatures drops.

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