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Radiator hose leaking slightly


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Hi, so after draining water from the radiator, topping up with antifreeze and refitting radiator hose, I’ve noticed the hose dripping slightly when the car is running and small amounts of steam at times.

Is this to be expected? I’ve played around with the hose to get it as tight as possible but nothing seems to prevent it leaking slightly.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks in advance.

- Zee

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Where is the leak?    

If the hose is cracked, then it can only get worse - replace the hose.    An old hose will harden and may crack while being removed and replaced.

If the leak is from where the hose and radiator join, then this may be due to a hardened hose, that can't mould to the rough outer surface of the radiator pipe.    A new hose may help, or, use some sand paper on the pipe to smooth it.     Another way to promote a seal is "self-fusing tape" or "Silicone tape" .    Wrap that tightly around the pipe, one layer, to provide a softer surface that should seal.

Good luck!


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21 hours ago, Velocita Rosso said:

If you change hoses from rubber to silicon and use Mikalor clamps, which have a wider area of fit, then that should alleviate looking for cracked rubber.....or just replace with new rubber and clamps. Also ensure that the clamp is fitted way past the sealing lips on the males. 

+1 for Mikalor type clamps

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