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I was tightening the fan belt on my MK3 Spit and noticed a distinct clunk as I pushed against the dynamo drive. It feels like there is a bit of play in the bearing at the back of the dynamo.

I suspect this means its knackered but though I would ask the wise ones first before changing it. So how much play is normal in the dynamo bearings. The dynamo looks like its new so I am a bit surprised that the bearings are worn out.

If it is worn out I may change it for a alternator, although I don't currently actually have a problem with the electrics (I have a new wiring loom throughout so leakage and losses are low), its just the horror stories from my father, which if believed would make you think dynamos are the source of all electrical evils.


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Dynamos have a plain bush at the far end.  They die young if the bush hasn't been properly oil soaked before fitting, which seems common these days.  They also don't like too much fan-belt tension.

Alternator conversion is straight forward, cheap, gives better charging and longer life.


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