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Herald 1200 Dynamo

Mark Hammond

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Well I went to use the Herald today and the battery didn't have enough to get it going.  Before I dismiss the battery as being the culprit (it is 7 years old) I will charge it fully and drop test it.  The car hasn't had much use in recent months and this, coupled with the cold weather might be the death of the battery but a few months ago I had to replace the dynamo and for quickness fitted a freebie donated from a Morris Minor, it fitted but I noticed that the pulley is much larger and I was wondering if this would effectively make the dynamo spin slower thus reducing the charging rate?  Anyone have any ideas on this?  In any case I would like to fit the correct unit as the temporary one is rusty on the case and spoils an otherwise mint engine bay.  Does anyone have a working and tidy Herald dynamo they would like to donate?  I'm based in Cobham in Surrey near J10 M25.  Beer tokens provided of course.


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My first thought was "rev 'er 'arder".

Maybe Morries had smaller pulleys because they were driven at 1000rpm by Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, while Heralds were typically operated at valve bounce by keen motorists?

Of course you could buy one of the alternators disguised to look like generators.


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Thats interesting as the Dynamo on my Herald was exactly the same as the one fitted to my Traveller! So maybe the rusty old one you where given didn't originate from a minor.

'Dynalite' do dynamo's with alternator internals, but the cheapest i've seen them for is around the £350!!!


James paddocks do recon Dynamo's at a very reasonable £32.50 (pre VAT) or a OE genuine one for £47.50 (pre VAT)

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Hi Mark  - if you are still looking I have the dynamo that came out of my 13/60 that your more than welcome to. It's not brand new but would clean up I'm sure and was working fine when I took it off. I'm only in Staines and will be going to leatherhead on Saturday.


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