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Herald 13/60 Headlamp assemblies

Alan Armstrong

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Just took on a project with a 13/60....making an inventory of parts missing etc.

I have only one headlamp bowl and insert plus sealed beam unit...so i know there are bits missing from this...bezel,  rubber seals, adjusters etc

As building on a budget...2nd hand is obviously better for me....but looking at Rimmers...i'm lead to believe the same parts are used on a spitfire?

If true, then opens up more opportunites than just searching on ebay under Herald!

Any tips much appreciated please?

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  • If you do a deeper search just based on headlamp size you will find there are more options. Try adding the words Mini headlight, or Land Rover etc.

I needed some for a 1960 Standard 10 and got a pair that can take replacement bulbs or halogen bulbs, they were a plastic bowl (originals steel and rusted through) for about the price of a scrap set of steel bowls etc.

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Hi Alan,
I think I have to wait until the Ebay auction ends although since nobody has bid I'll look if it's possible to stop it.  I'll then dismantle and see what the bits look like.  I'm not sure what to ask - it's more about the time to dismantle and pack, but I'm happy discuss a fair price - really need to see the condition and look for similar for sale so I can make sure I'm not being greedy.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Still have these bits as AA thought they were a bit far gone - I'm not surprised, they are a bit wasted!

But I'm finding that one man's scrap is another man's saviour, so as I have photos, here are they are!  The sealed beam units are useless, but the cups they sit in are fine, they just look messy.  For the side/indicator lights the glass and chrome trims are fine, the rubber gaskets are useless but available at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143089148413  The sidelight internals are a mess, but I'd rescue them if I needed them.

Anyone interested in some or all of this?







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