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Pete Arnold

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Yes that’s correct, he and I’m sure other administrators, was spending at least an hour a day of his time - sometimes more -  just trawling through requests to join the group from people who just wanted to sell merchandise or deleting unwanted marketing/spam posts, and it’s not a selling site, the only other choice was to close the FB page and delete the account, (I know many people have done so with their own private account,)

 I am not a Facebook user so I can’t view the content any more either I used to enjoy watching what was going on too. I’ll have to get him to use the website more than he does at present, so that anyone like ourselves who don’t subscribe to FB can see anything locally that’s being arranged other than CT events. I personally dislike FB, been on it twice once for just 24 hours and deleted the  account then back on again for 5 months -  hate it and won’t be signing up again any time soon lol 


We have Mr. Zuckenberg to thank for changing the FB format and allowing non genuine users to post on what should be a vessel for the enjoyment of genuine people. I’m sure that other groups and even private FB users will do - or already have done the same 

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32 minutes ago, yorkshire_spam said:

Facebook changed their policies on open groups making it virtually impossible for Darren to moderate/control what was posted there, I think pretty much his only option without the group going totally wild west was to take it private.


Yes, a few groups are really struggling to keep the spammers at bay. They will all have to go private now.

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