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Set of 5.5Jx13 steel wheels with suitable offset for 1971 GT6 MkIII


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I recently bought a 1971 GT6 MkIII which came with unidentified slot-mags on which I hate. It also has 4 spare steel wheels, but they all seem to be different sizes / offsets.

I want to end up with 4, 5.5Jx13 steels but I keep seeing different reports of inappropriate offsets etc so I thought I'd approach the experts and see if anyone has anything to offer. I don't mind whether they have tyres or not and am happy to do some refurbishment, provided they're not too far gone. I live in Milton Keynes, so local to me would be great unless you're prepared to post. A couple of mine have waaaaay too much paint on, but I'll try to remove some to see if they have matching offsets, in which case I may only need two additional. Anything remaining will be up for grabs, as will the slot-mags eventually. I know 5.5s are rare but they look so good! I may be open to suggestions for nicer alloys - I assume Dolomite Sprint alloys don't fit, though?

To be open and honest, I am not yet a member but if I can get the car right I will join up as owning a GT6 has been a lifelong dream. And yes, I am aware I need different wheel nuts for the steels compared to the slot-mags. Ask me how I know...

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I'm not sure what offset/ET variants there are out there for the 5.5J steels, but I do know that the set I bought a couple of years back sit out too far for the front of a GT6/Spitfire, causing tyre rubbing problems.  However, they are just perfect for the rear of the rotoflex cars where the rear track is 2" narrower than the front and the narrower wheels look lost.

So I've ended up with 5.5" on the rear and 5" as fitted to the last of the 1500 Spitfires on the front with 175/70 tyres all round.  All arches nicely filled - and subtle.


Son has done the same on his roto converted Spitfire


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