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cassette player


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hi to everyone.someone gave me a huge bag full of cassettes so naturally i got a 2nd hand cassette player.i wired it in temperarilly and got it working.my issue now is how to fix it.ine seen some triumphs with a piece under the dashboard made of similar wood to the dash and wondered if you can buy these.its a herald 13/60 by the way.any ideas would be welcome as obviously the underside of the dash is hardboard so wouldnt support it.cheers

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thanks rob.i dont have any fittings in the car such as the plastic housing youre on about.there is a hole where the back door pocket used to be and i suspect at some time someone fitted a radio into there.(only suitable if its remote controlled or someone in the back).

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Do you have a picture?


In my Pi, i have an old school radio, but I will certainly use a bluetooh JBL battery loud speaker.

No holes, no screw holes, no cassette problems.

Because once the cassette player instal done, you may have all those issues we had former in the past... cassette eaten, radio reception uncertain and often bad quality sound due to material and old trechnologies and old cars configuration.

That's why i plead for old radio for look and modern wireless speaker for practicity.

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