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Dizzy vacuum pipe female union


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Hi Folks,
             my TR4 has H6 carbs. The vacuum pipe (201875) that attaches to the front carb has a female union at both ends.
The Moss catalogue shows this union as the same part number either end (6K650)
On the carb there is an adaptor (AUC 5100) the thread on this carb does not thread into the female union.

Does anybody know if this female union should be exclusive to this adaptor and the catalogue is wrong.


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Well,  I've been having fun. It would appear that Moss supply dizzy vacuum pipe parts for a SU carb with a biggish hole (apprx 5.16").
Mine has a smallish hole (apprx 7mm).
The female union to adaptor kerflummoxed the counter staff and have sent the offending article off to R&D to sort.
The male union would have been handy but again too big.
After lots of investigating I popped into the TRShop in Chiswick and they had a male fitting for the smaller (7mm) hole.
So I am now a happy bunny.

Hi Richard,   I did speak to Burlen and bought the AUC5100 adaptor but sadly the Moss female wouldn't fit to it.


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