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2021/22 Rallies Mini-Series


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Now that rally events with CT, and indeed most other clubs, have started to get going again, event calendars are starting to get larger as more and more are being organised and then run. CT have already run the Derek Pollock Memorial Rally (DPMR) some months back, and work is well under way on the Essex/Suffolk Borders 12Car Navigational Rally on the 30th November (look under Events for full details and entries).  With this in mind, the CT Rallies Mini-Series will be reinstated shortly once a few website/forum tweaks are done. The results of the DPMR will be retrospectively added to the 21/22 Rallies Mini-Series.

Please keep an eye on this thread for more information on future events that are eligible, and some other information you may need if you would like to be added to the Rallies Mini Series.

Mike Banks

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2022/23 CT Rallies Mini-Series Information and Rules


Club Triumph are pleased to announce the 2022/23 Rallies Mini-Series,  a series of rallying events, both CT organised rallies and also those run by clubs that CT have a close relationship with. The objective is to promote entry-level rallying within the club by using a separately run series of existing rallying events that members can enter on their own accord, but which will score towards a “Rallies Mini-Series Championship” award at the end of the Club Triumph competition year.  The events themselves will range from the most simplest form of rallying motorsport, through to some more serious and advanced rallies, but all being well within the capability of all club members. 

The 2022/23 series events are listed below:

(CT is Club Triumph, CMC is Chelmsford Motor club, CSMA is Civil Service)


Derek Pollock Memorial Rally (already run, results inc. below)

November 20th – CT Essex-Suffolk Borders navigation Rally

December - TBD


January 6th CMC January Jaunt or Jan 13th CMC Nav Rally

February 3rd – CSMA Nav Rally  or 24th CMC Nav Rally

March 3rd– CSMA Nav Rally  or 24th CMC Nav Rally

April 22nd–23rd – Club Triumph HCR, Overnight scatter rally.






October – Date TBD CMC Halloween

November – Date TBD CT Not-Essex Winter Rally


You can find more detail about each of them from the Rallies - Events - side panel. The rules and series format is as below

Rules and Registering your Results:

Entrants will not need to register their participation in the series with Club Triumphs rallies co-ordinator (Mike Banks) as you will be added automatically when any results are received from you or the organiser of any relevant event you take part in. If you do not want this to happen, then please opt out by contacting Mike Banks directly (Sparky_Spit on the Forum).

You will be able to choose as many, or as few, events to enter and the finishing results from your 8 best events will be added to the series table. You can do a fewer number of events, which will all be counted up to a maximum of 8.  There is a list of suggested events provided, one per month, and you can choose from these to enter or just choose rally events that are more accessible to your location. As you can see, we have tried to include events that cover a reasonable geographical spread of the country, and a range of difficulty within the events.  

Where there are more than one events listed in a particular month, only one may be used within the mini-series results. Listing two or more events in any month is purely to increase the geographical spread of events. 

If any of the suggested listed events are not suitable for you, or too distant,  then please choose a more suitable event with another club and enter that, the only proviso is that the chosen club/event is similar in to the suggested one. If in doubt, please contact me at the email address above.

Within this series, Club Triumph will not arrange your entry, you must do this yourself as you would normally do. Once the event is formally announced by the organising club it will be up to each individual crew to enter the event and gain a place. Club Triumph will not do this for you. 

It will also be up to the entrant to pay for their entry fee and any club membership that may be necessary. It’s important for the entrant to state within the entry form that they are a member of Club Triumph, as this will allow them to take advantage of any “invited club” status we may have with the organisers, or any discount, etc. Where we can, we will state whether there is invited status or a discount. 

Rules will be as the organising clubs rules for the event, there will be no specific CT Rules, except where CT is actually the organising club.

Within the series, CT will make no allowance for ‘Novice’ and ‘Expert’ status and results used will be the overall placings within the group of CT entrants, or in class if there are no other CT entrants. 

It will be the entrant’s responsibility to inform the co-ordinator (Mike Banks) of their result in each event, and provide a results sheet from the event organisers, confirming their position placing, if asked to do so. 

Points for driver and navigator will collected separately to cater for any differing crew makeup throughout the series. 

An award for the winner(s) will be given and presented at the awards dinner in March of the next year.  

Points will be awarded as follows: 

Starting the event (but declared DNF) = 2pts 

Starting and Finishing the event, but outside the top 12 places = 4pts

Placed 1st against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 16pts

Placed 2nd against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 15pts

Placed 3rd against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 14pts

Placed 4th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 13pts

Placed  5th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 12pts

Placed  6th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 11pts

Placed  7th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 10pts

Placed  8th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 9pts

Placed  9th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 8pts

Placed  10th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 7pts

Placed  11th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 6pts

Placed  12th against other CT crews, or in class if no other CT crews entered - 5pts

Organising or Marshalling on an event – an average score will be given, up to a maximum of 3 marshalling instances, based upon all your scores and added at the year end. The average score figure will be rounded up if equal to or greater than n.5  For example: a score of 8.49 will be rounded down to 8 and a score of 8.5 will be rounded up to 9.  You will appreciate that this will create the situation where final scores will not be fully known until the last event has been completed.

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The current mini-series placings are basically as per the results of the DPMR, which have been published in the club magazine, so I won't repeat them here.

The next eligible event will be the CT Essex and Suffolk Borders 12 car rally, on the 20th November, and there will be another update after that has been taken into account.

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See below the current final mini-series points table after the DPMR rally earlier in the year, the Suffolk/Essex Borders Rally weekend, and other results sent in during the last few weeks:

*Updated 26/01/23*

Michael Helm - 0,  Mike Banks - 16, Nigel Abdulla - 14 plus 1 marshalling point, Mike Bishop - 18 plus 1 marshalling point, 

Colin Wake - 28 plus 1 marshalling point, Dale Barker - 14 plus 1 marshalling point, Ellis Stokes - 16, Mark Rutter - 30,

Charlie Deards - 11, Tony Pulis - 16  Annie Andrews - 15

David Mathewson - 15, Pete Jackson - 14, Richard Warr - 26,

Roger Saunt - 13, Tim Hunt - 12, Pierre Miles - 12, 

Matt Roughton - 11, Matt Barker - 10, Chris Henry - 10

Allistair Vincent - 9, Mike North - 9, Clive Senior - 12

Gill Senior - 12, - Steve Radley - 13, Leighton Ball - 15

Alison Ball - 15 - 

Dave Batchelor - 58 points and Jackie Batchelor - 58 points


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As December has always been a busy month with the Christmas holiday preparations and New Year approaching, there are no suggested events at present, unless somebody can suggest a suitable club rally that will be running in that month that we can suggest as an eligible event for the series?  Failing that, we will give December a miss and resume in January 2023, but I'm open to any other suggestions to fill the gap if anyone can come up with one?

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Just a reminder to anyone who wishes to add their 2022 rally results to the mini-series results table, and possibly win an award, is that this needs to be done by the end of December or first week in January at the latest please. You must have used a Triumph car for these events, either as driver or navigator, and I need your placing against other CT entrants, or if there were no other CT entrants, your placing in class. Please email mike.banks@club.triumph.org.uk. Thanks.

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16 hours ago, sparky_spit said:

Update....   Anyone competing in tonight's CMC 12car rally?

Of course, but we will gloss over the result. 😞

First Triumph, so we will take that.

might send you the clues, so you too can say rude words about Andy.

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Listed below are the results from the 2023 DPMR, and a couple of Chelmsford MC events.

Also,  the overall points total for the 2023 series is now known and it can be confirmed that Dave and Jackie Batchelor have retained the 2023 rallies series trophy, and flying the flag for CT in doing so, in a number of HERO events around the country and in CT organised events too.    

2023 DPMR results

1st overall - Annie Andrews and David Mathewman

2nd - Tony Pulis and Ellis Stokes

3rd - Mike Bishop and Colin Wake

4th - Phil Stanley and Simon Moy

5th - Roger Saunt and Richard Warr

6th - Robert Pearce and Iris 

8th - Greno Maio and Gary Penfold

9th - Tim Hunt and Pirere Miles

10th - Dave Batchelor and Jackie Batchelor

11th - Paul herbert and Chris Harding

12th - Richard Webb and Jackson Beringer

Organiser points are also awarded to Colin Wake, Mike Bishop, Dale Barker, Nigel Abdulla

Further results, including new 2024 event results will be added when available, and will be added to the 2024 Rallies Mini Series results table.



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