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Acclaim - Engine hoses


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I’ve been slowly trying to bring a little old Acclaim bk into life & onto the road (had aimed for 11/11 as that’s the ‘birthday-registration’  11/11/82, so will be turning 40),  
I wasn’t able to locate a radiator (was in need of replacement), so had this re-cored and the only issue is most of not all of the old water hoses are looking very tired & brittle & I don’t want to put them back on as I doubt they’ll last …. So…. I’d like to get a new set of Acclaim rubber hoses for the cooling system , but I’ve no idea who / where / how to locate them ? (I’d also like new ones as it would help tidy up the engine bay as these old ones look more like they are 400 years old , than 40). If your able to help / sign post me where I can go that would be amazing , thank you . & thank you for taking the time to read my message…. All the best Jonathan 

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Much appreciated, I messaged Barry prior to posting this up but think he might have been busy or tide up at the recent NEC car show as I never heard back ….

but that you 3 for the ideas & directions it’s much appreciated- if I get any joy I’ll return & post an update …..

All the best - Jonathan 

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