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What ignition coil for a 1966 MKI?


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Hello there, :) ;)
For my 2000MKI (1966) converted to negtive earth: I need to buy a new ignition coil. Please may you help with this as I am very bad with electrical  ??) ??)parts: do I need a standard 12V or do I need a 12V ballasted, a 6V ballasted ?

My old coil ir corroded so I am not able to reaed anything. I visited the rimmerbros site: they are a lot of coil ... :o :o :o
Thanks a lot !!!

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Do you have a ballast resistor fitted? Normally sits by the Dynamo/alternator.

Its a white porcalein block about 2" x 1/2" x 1/2" with a coil of wire visible from one side.

If yes, get a 12v ballasted coil

if no, get a 12v coil

ps 12v ballasted coils are sometimes referred to as 6v coils, as thats the effect the ballast resistor has (dropping the 12 volt circuit to 6 volt).

If you still not sure call Bill of Rarebits, he can explain and he can supply you the correct coil.

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Hello Richard,
I am working on the engine to removed the cylinder head...
I don't remember or have seen something like the ballast block. So I guess I have a standard 12V coil non-ballasted.

Many thanks for your very fast reply and help  :) ;)

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Hi Alec,
Thanks !! I have the same starter as the spitfire and I really don't see something like a porcelain ballast. Hope a 12V standard non ballast won't set fire in the car  ??) ??) ??)
Once again my level with electrical items is under "0": you will see how bad I am.
As I repainting the engine bay, renew the cylinder head and gearbox: I have put tape on all the wire with plans to be sure everything will be OK when I will turn on the key  :o :o
I think I will have a lot of questions again. The big saloon is a new adventure for me: quick sad since I bought it: only covered few miles when troubles appear. NOw it is off the road since a year and the parts to source is a nightmare in France.  :'( :'(

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