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Dash camera recommendation?

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Can anyone make a recommendation on a dash camera at all? There seems to be so many out there which such a range of prices i am not sure what to go for? 

There are ones that can replace the rear view mirror and I was thinking that this may be an idea as it may not be so obvious its there and if I forget to remove it I may get aware with it.

Any thoughts ?



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I have a Garmin 55 dash cam permanently installed on my TR with a 64GB card that records about 24 hours before it overwrites itself.

The main point to decide is what do you want the camera for - to produce movies of the trips you have done like this one I filmed in 2017

10cr Stelvio at sunset

or simply to provide evidence in the case of a accident / incident. When I wrote off my car the camera provide evidence to the insurance company that I was driving sensibly and something failed when I was doing a pre-MOT brake test.

Look at the on line reviews before deciding, particularly the following points:-

  • Resolution. You need a decent lens with high resolution to read number plates, but the higher the resolution the larger memory card you need.
  • Night vision. Reflected glare from road side signs can make it difficult to see the road so the dynamic range it important.
  • Recorded data. If you look at my video you will see that it does not display the speed, only time and date. If you post the videos or are involved in an accident the police & insurance companies may take an interest in the speeds you were doing long before the accident (it is possible to calculate the speed from the on screen times and by physically measuring the distances between two points, but this requires significant effort)
  • What software do you want to use with it? Garmin used to provide a program that allowed you to look at the recorded videos while simultaneous plotting you location on a map.



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1 hour ago, Martins Stag said:

Amy interesting, I like the idea of having it wired in. I have a T bar on the Stag so the rear camera could be mounted on the T bar facing backwards the forward facing one on the top of the windscreen and the unit in the glove box with a power feed to the fuse box behind? 

And with the right bits it would be very discrete & waterproof for when caught out by the wonderful British weather 😀 

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