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Triumph 1300fwd Rubber Bush Pack

Dave Bunney

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Good afternoon All, 

I am looking for some advice to change /replace my 1300fwd strut to sub frame bushes as they are very old and deteriorated. 

The parts book supplies me with 3 part numbers, 516037 , 516037, and 517951, dependant and relating to different shoulder shank part numbers. 

Upon cross referencing the latter part number is used mainly, 517951.

This part is available on Rimmers web site and listed as rear link bush kit.

I have also found superflex poly bushes sell 516038, but would this be beneficial or detrimental to be polybushed or should it stay as rubber? 

Basically looking for someone to hopefully give some input and help if possible, unless any one has any for sale for both sides 🙂


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Poly bushes are usually a good upgrade for small saloon front suspension.  

Mick Dolphin is another good source for such spares.

I suspect you could easily return the Rimmers bush if it turned out to be wrong.

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If you use the 517951 do not buy them in rubber. I did (for use on the back axle of my Toledo) and they fell apart within a year. Replaced with superflex and all fine.

In general the new rubber stuff is a poor formulation with a very short life. 

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